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Youth Attorneys :   


 Ciera Hinojos                       Brenden Strickland  



 Michael Cantu                       Edwin Availa



 Jordyn Gibson 


 Yaizeth Mares                        Karina  Andrade         

Betzaida Chavez                   


8th Graders:

GabrielGranillo                      Annalia  Sanchez 

 Ayden Lusk                            Melanie Velasco  Delanie Velasco                                      

7th Graders:

 Anahi Lopez                            Britt Lusk      


6th Graders:

Zhoi Mendoza

Members of The NMTCA Youth Council:

Youth Advisor, Ciera Hinojos



Volunteer Youth Attorneys

Our volunteer youth attorneys range from 6th grade - 12th grade.

       Teens helping Teens

      Experience Something Positive


 Teen Court is an innovative concept that introduces High School and Middle School Sudents and young offenders to a real-life courtroom environment with the primary

players being the teens themselves; in roles of prosecuting attornyes and defense attorneys and jurors. Local Attorney's,  District Attorney's, Public Defenders preside over the cases voluntarily and Law Enforcement serve as bailiff's. It is not the responsibility of Teen Court to determine innocence or guilt, but rather to hold offenders accountable for their actions by imposing sentences of community service hours, jury duty and tutoring. To ensure fair sentences, the jury utilizes a sentencing grid that specifies consequences of gradual severity corresponding to the offense. Admission of guilt is a prerequisite to participation in the program.

Teen Court participation is strictly voluntarily, but once entered the process they must successfully complete their sentence or their case is returned to the referring agency for further disposition. A mandatory sentencing directive is to serve on a Teen Court jury. When given the supportive opportunities for success and "hands-on" experience of how our judicial system works, a teenager's chances for steering clear of violating the law are significanlty improved.  

                                    Carlos Martinez                         Diana Garcia                                       Bernice Hinojos
            Hobbs Police Resource Officers and Bailiff
Courtroom Monitor